About Us

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Nestled in the heart of London China Town, lies Shanghai Modern, an elegant and contemporary chinese restaurant serving Shanghai Cuisine and regional chinese dishes. 

The restaurant opened its doors for service in January 2019, and holds an impressive capacity of 140 seats over two floors. There is also a private dining area for larger groups on the upper floor.

An open kitchen is situated on the ground floor where diners are invited to watch the dim sum chefs carefully preparing dumplings, buns and other steamed treats.

The main kitchen is lead by well-experienced Chinese chefs, with a flair for Asian recipes, which is reflected in the dynamic, delicious and ever-evolving menu.

Here, at Shanghai Modern, we believe in a strong sense of community and have participated and catered for a range of exciting events in London, including National Dumplings Day 2019 and the South Social Film Festival.